Tele-consultation for Easy doctor & patient connect

Compliant with guidelines. Simple to operate.
No minimum charges. Pay per usage minutes.
Access patient records during teleconsultation.

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Simple Three Step Digital Rx Digital Clinic for Today & Tomorrow

Digital records. Simple Analytics. Better Patient Care.
Avoid repetitive tasks. Save Time.

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Digital education for better patient health

Extend patient education beyond clinic. Tools, digital media for regular patient connect.
Inform patients about educational programs and activities of clinic.

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About MedSign

Clinic for Tomorrow. Digital Practice for New Generation Physician

Effortless appointment booking & Scheduling

MedSign is loaded with smart, built-in features to simplify the process for you, your patients and receptionist. What's more, you can access MedSign from any platform or device: desktop, web or tablet. So anyone can book appointments anywhere, anytime - and keep your clinic busy with a full appointment schedule.


Electronic medical records secure on cloud accessible any time anywhere for Doctor & Patient. No individual patient data access to any third party. No access to MedSign platform for any third party.

Effortless charting & Digital RX

Welcome to the paperless world, with the fully loaded MedSign digital charting and EMR system. At every phase of charting, it seamlessly merges all information pertaining to a patient into a single digital Rx - accessible via smartphone, tablet or desktop, at work or at home.


Data analysis click away, valuable health analytics tables for learning disease progression, helping to change treatment regime, pooled analysis providing valuable analytics for multiple stakeholders in healthcare.

Enhance Patient outcomes

Systematic patient data storage with easy and all time access for physician, monitoring trend table @ click, patient reminders at multiple stages for improved compliance, increased involvement of caregiver

Save time

Easy and simple to use, drop down menu based Rx generation with higher accuracy, effective calendar management, diseases management templates and patient follow up templates for chronic care

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Clinic for Tomorrow. Digital Practice for New Generation Physician

Extremely user-friendly soothing “ONE VIEW” across tablet, laptop & desktop for a Physician to see the entire patient journey. Minimal toggling required between screens/sections.

Extremely user-friendly
Rx generation

Rx generation in few seconds with time saving template features that reduces typing to virtually nil.

View/upload/share medical records such as diagnostic, clinical reports, Rx, invoicing & customized analytical reports: Anywhere - anytime with secure data transfer (HIPAA compliant cloud server) & delegation possibilities.

Medical records
health analytics

Value added unique features like health analytics, patient tools (Drawings), Comparison of Reports/Images facilitating more effective communication between Dr and Patient.

Need based real time infographics placed intelligently across the platform, in order to minimize toggling.

real time infographics
MCI compliant

MCI compliant online consultation (Audio/Video) feature integrated in the platform for both Dr and Patient.

A Patient application accessible via a weblink, forms a key link towards ensuring continuity in care and integrates seamlessly with the MedSign Dr platform.

Patient application
online helpdesk

Continuously available online helpdesk For demonstrations, & technical support; web tutorials also available in application.

Well defined specific privacy policy mentioned on website for doctors and patients. Technical specifications that match high industry standards.

real time infographics

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MedSign: Your health at your fingertips!

  • Appointment

    Skip the waiting room, get instant appointment with top-quality doctors !

  • E-consult

    Save hassle, time & money! Consult doctors online privately through text, voice or video call!

Patient Web
  • Records

    Sick of carrying thick medical files? No more... All your medical records now in the palm of your hand!

  • Vital & Health parameters

    Upload your Vital & health parameters to monitor your health trend
    Seamless, 24x7 access to clinicians ensures quick intervention, if needed